Feb 21, 2011

Thoughts on how joy and passion connect me to Divinity

Thoughts about divine, spirit, god/dess energy...

...a few days ago I went for short visit to the fabric store. It's far away and I don't drive so on the occasion that I get a ride there, it's an exciting thing! I walk in and feel like a 'kid in a candy store'.
It was a short visit, about 15 minutes, and I managed to find exactly what I was looking for... which is pretty neat considering I went in wanting "something satiny and slippery to make a scarf from... in colours I like" ... but didn't even have any colours in mind. ☺

I got 4 pieces of fabric and a bias tape maker and came back out to the truck with a huge grin on my face. I kept touching the fabrics on the way home and feeling so excited about working with them.

What does this have to do with divinity?

I have noticed that when I feel good, excited or passionate, about anything, I feel connected to the divinity within me and around me.
It doesn't matter what I'm feeling passionate about. It doesn't need to be something 'spiritual'. Last week we had a mild spell and I was on top of the world to be out on the deck, blowing bubbles. Yesterday I had great fun giggling with my partner over the antics and idiosyncrasies of our cats. Both of those got me connected to that divine spark within me, the spark that I believe is connected to the great, cosmic divine energy, that I believe we are all part of.

I have also noticed that when I feel down, depressed, sad or despairing, I feel disconnected from that spark. I know it's still there, but it feels like I'm wrapped up in layers of heavier emotions that come in between me and that spark.

I feel like the disconnection from divine is what makes me feel so down, so heavy... and yet at the same time, I feel that it is the very feeling down and heavy that disconnects me. So it's kind of confusing to know which comes first, or how it comes about.

The important thing in this, for me, is knowing that feeling joy, passion and love coincide with feeling connected to divine. It doesn't matter which comes first... just knowing that they happen together for me means that I can feel more connected by purposely doing things I love, doing things that excite me or inflame my passion.
I think I'd like to make a list of things that elicit love or joy in me.

A few that come to mind:
blowing bubbles
rainbows of all kinds
talking to trees, plants and animals
dancing to a song I love
being in nature
doing or saying something that makes another person feel good
swimming in lakes
planning creative projects
singing to my cat (he loves it :)

What are some things on your joy list?
I'd love if you shared in the comments. It is so wonderful to read others' joys, loves (and I often get great inspiration!).


  1. You are such an inspiration to me!

    - seeing icicles hanging from plants/vines/my hanging fushia plant that I didn't take down

    - hearing my cat purring

    - seeing my orchids go from just leaves to flower 'prong' with teeny buds to blossoming

    - seeing my lizard bask in her sunlamp

    - having my lizard eat lentil sprouts from my hand

    - flowers of all sorts

    - spring shoots of all sorts coming up through the earth

    - a deep comfortably hot bath

    - brownies

    - writing lists

    A start :-)

  2. Thanks so much for commenting Katie. I'm so glad that you shared this great 'start' to your list! I loved reading it. So many of those things you shared are joy sources for me too. ♥ thanks!

  3. Wonderful post and I fully agree! I remember a day last year... a spring day... full of sun and blossoms and warmth. I felt connected to the divine while driving with my dogs to our favorite hiking spot, Avett Bros. playing and windows down. Wonderful moment!

    And as you noted it is the simple things and depending on my mood those same activities may help me feel connected or not.

    Nature is a huge source of connection for me.
    creating (when things go well and NOT when I fight with my sewing machine :)
    letters in the mail from friends
    amazing food
    hot dark cup of coffee first thing in the morning
    my dogs!

  4. What a wonderful list Amy! Thank you so much for sharing it here. ♥ ☺
    I totally resonate with your qualification on the creativity issue... it's when things go well that it connects me too :)
    That spring day you shared about sounds very special even if it may seem 'simple' on the surface. I love that those memories can stick with us so vividly.

  5. It's wonderful for you to share, because knowing how we feel when we are connected and when we are down makes us understand who we truly are better. You are the same as me! When I am connected I feel divinity everywhere, because like you being connected is being in the core of divine energy. Nearly everything on your list again brings me joy, including communicating with nature and animals. :)

    I welcome everything that enters, and I find that the more connected I am, the more everything around me makes me happy, especially people. I love getting to know souls. :)

    YAY! So happy to be here on your blog, reading your lovely posts. I always feel very connected to you, as we seem to have a lot of similarities and our lives always seem to be in sync.

    You know I recently published a post on one of my blogs with the word 'divinity' so it's no surprise that it's there. Feel free to have a look:


    Love xx

  6. thank you so much for your rich comment Ana!
    I love the in-synch-ness!!!
    thank you for brightening my day with your gorgeous photo on that post you linked to.


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