Feb 3, 2011

Rainbow Crochet Cell Phone Cover - in progress

The sun has been shining brilliantly, gloriously, scintillatingly... all day!
I am so amazed at how much this can effect my mood, physical energy and mental state.
Just yesterday I was sharing how I haven't been motivated to take photos of works in progress, let alone upload and edit them.
Well... the radiant, dazzling sun and clear blue sky have worked their healing magic on me and I've gotten motivated to write this post :-)

I've only had a cell phone since Christmas and I've already dropped it in the snow!
Thankfully it was fine but it made me realise that I really want a case for it.
I don't like any of the ones in my price range so I decided to try and crochet one.

Almost done!

It's very simple and it has an almost rainbow progression(it's missing purple) so it is soothing to the part of me that has been craving colour amidst all the white and grey of an Ontario winter.

When I get to the top, I'm going to crochet back and forth on only one half of this tube to make a little flap that will fold down over the top of the phone. I'll post pics when it's done.

My cell phone is also an MP3 player and since that's what I use it most for, I think I may add loops that I can attach a long single crocheted chain to so I can wear it either around my neck or shoulder-bag style. That way I won't have to unzip my coat if I want to switch songs! Brrrrrr.

After posting this I was thinking about how much I like how snugly the cover fits on... and I suddenly realised there was no way to have the headphones plugged in if the phone was in it's cover! OOPS! So if you decide to try something like this, be sure to leave a hole in the side that matches up with where your headphone jack is. Luckily I only had to pull out a few rows to go back and correct this (I'm glad I didn't realise after it was all done!).


Thanks mom for teaching me to crochet all those years ago. I am still at a very low skill level... but it suffices for me and I love doing it :-)


  1. WOW - that's beautiful! Truly! What's this about low skill level? :-) Gosh, you figured out how to make it the right size; how to make the bottom part nice; it looks really even stitches etc.

    What a great idea about the loop/chain idea to give it versatility.

    I'm sure there are lots of people who would love to have that kind of cover for their cell phone.

    I'm glad the sun & blue sky inspired you - you've put some colour into our lives!

  2. thank you Katie!!
    I am loving it.
    re: skill level... there are people who can crochet clothing! that is the right shape and looks good LOL! and there are sorts of neat 'stitches' that give different textures... I don't know those but I do enjoy the simple stitches I do know and one can do a lot with those :-)

  3. The colours are the best, it's gorgeous. The loop/chain is going to make it perfect in the functionality department too.

  4. Cute! Love the bright rainbow colors... very fun!

  5. Thanks so much B and Amy!!!

  6. Love those colours! I crochet at a very simple level too and, for me, the best thing about these sorts of projects is figuring them out along the way, even if I have to rip back a few rows here and there. :) The sense of "oh wow, I totally made this from scratch" at the end is exhilarating!

    Wishing you a whole lot more brilliant sunshine!

  7. Christie that's exactly how I feel too! Even if it ends up looking a bit lumpy or lopsided, I enjoy it much more than a store-bought 'perfect' version because of that lovely sense of accomplishment.

    Wishing brilliant sunshine to you too! ☼

  8. This is a wonderful place you've created, and I love the name "WITHINITY". If you're new to the cellphone, I give you a two hands high-fiver. Using it mostly for music, what a great reason to have one.

    Your cover is so fun, full of sunshine ah, ha, and the straps idea ... good thinking. Nice place, nice post and great project completed.


  9. Thank you Mokihana! :-)


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