May 18, 2010

Grunge Star Rubbed Impression Page with Ink Pads and Cereal Box Stars

Did you save the shapes you cut out from the cereal box template project?
If not, you may end up cutting out shapes just to make fun pages like this one!

How To:

Lay a piece of thinner paper (ie printer paper) on a totally flat surface.

Take a stamp ink pad and lightly rub it and drag it around the page until you like how it looks.  *If you have an almost dried out ink pad this will be very easy.
All of mine are newer and the trick to prevent big blotches is to have the pressure so light there's almost none... and keep it moving!*

Repeat with as many colours as you like - preferably working from lighter to darker if you care about contaminating the lighter pads with darker colours.

When you like how it looks, take your cereal box shapes and lie them under the paper.

Take an ink pad of a darker colour (or the same as the most dark you have used so far) and rub over top of the paper in the area of the edges of the shapes until you like how it looks!

So simple and easy!

In the basic image above I just used 2 colours and only used the cereal box shapes on the final layer but you can play around to make this much more saturated, with shapes on various layers like this:

It only takes minutes to do but be warned - it's so much fun it can be addictive!
Now I just need a project to use these pages... which I will likely have way too many of soon :-)

If you do something like this and post on your blog or site, please let me know in the comments!  I'd love to share the links for readers.


  1. I dont think my first comment worked so I'll try again.
    This technique is really cool,I think I might try it,The blue reminds me of snow flakes.I'll let you know if I do.I think you had asked me how I made my wire bird nest,first I added beads then I just twisted the wire untill I was happy with it,added a little string.molded it alittle to fit my hoop.

  2. thanks for commenting Tammy.
    I'd love to see pics if you try something like this!
    It was me who asked about your amazing bird nest. It was so awesome!

  3. So nice to "meet" you! I love your tutorial and the previous cereal box one also :)

  4. thank you for commenting Daydream Retreat (aka Hoop Master! LOL - loved that part of your profile :)
    I'm glad you liked those tutorials.
    I really, really love your blog!
    I signed up to follow in my RSS reader. Your dolls are amazing and I adore the numerous pieces I saw where you have used that figure outline on canvas!

  5. looks awesome! i love the blues!

  6. Wow, that blue one is so vibrant and fun!

  7. thanks aimee and Amy!
    the blue one is my favourite too
    :-) :-)

  8. Love them both - love the blue one best.

    :-))) Thx for the inspiring felings that you create for me. And the Positivity.

  9. thanks Katie, I am so glad that reading my blog brings inspiring feelings! that is such a wonderful thing for me to know - thank you for telling me!!! :-)


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