Jun 9, 2010

Tutorial: Making Colourful Backgrounds That Won't Warp Thin Papers

I finally created a photo tutorial for the art journal backgrounds I've been talking about.
The technique can also be used in card and tag making, bookmarks, collage, ATC's, handmade wrapping paper or anything you can think of!
I'd love if you shared your ideas in the comments area :-)

This is mostly a 'dry' technique meaning that it won't cause thin paper to warp or buckle when applied.
I do also include a variation of this technique that is 'wet' for those who don't mind buckling or who use thicker paper.  The wet version has some really awesome effects like these (and even more fun ones if you colour-mix):

I confess that I hate typing so I've written the directions right in the photos.  If anyone has trouble reading my messy printing, please let me know and I will type out the directions below each photo.
Also, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask them in the comments area.  I've turned off that pesky comment security device so you don't have to type in any characters before commenting :).

Okay... here we go!

I should have specified NON permanent markers :-)

*other types of plastic may give different effects - experiment if you like!

Eventually I will post a video showing just how quickly this is actually done :-)  The faster, the better.

WET Technique:




If you try any of this out and post somewhere online, please share in the comments area!  I love seeing what others do :-)


  1. oh, wow! i love the textures! looks messy and fun!

  2. thanks Aimee!
    It is lots of fun :-)
    these photos don't really do it justice - it looks nicer in real life :)

  3. oh brilliant. thanks so much for sharing. i just completed a post in draft on backgrounds and own papers.

  4. So fun coming to visit here ... I love your plastic transfer idea, I have to try it! I read somewhere once to try bubble wrap also, which might be fun. Thanks for all of the great stuff you share with us!

  5. Monica I look forward to when you publish that post!

    Willow Carver I'm so glad you enjoy coming here :)
    I've read about bubble wrap too and want to try it. I've read that it works well using a brayer or a roller to put the paint on but I think I may try colouring on it with markers, misting it with water and then applying!
    Thanks for getting me thinking about bubble wrap :-)

  6. Really loving this idea! Thanks for the share, am tempted to go and have a whirl at this now. So good to see your ideas blossoming, and thanks so much for mentioning them in recent posts. :)

  7. Thanks Ana!
    If you do try this, please do share a link here! I'd love to see what you do with it! there are so many different ways to play around with it and I love seeing what other's create :)


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