Feb 2, 2011

Sharing Beauty - Links To Other Bloggers' Work

I seem to be in a winter hibernation mode... spending a lot of time within both the house and my own heart and mind. I'm doing creative things in tiny bits... at slow paces... and rarely feeling inspired to take photos of them (let alone upload and edit those photos I do take!).
Wintry Window

Winter is a darker time for me - inside and out. I've been craving colour so I'm working on a rainbowy crocheted cell phone cover that I hope to share soon.

Until I have something of my own to share, I thought I'd share some things I've seen in the Blogiverse that I found beautiful or that reached out and brightened my life in some way.

These are all from blogs that I follow in my RSS reader - they are my equivalent of a daily newspaper - a morning dose of wonderful inspiration and beauty!

In no particular order...

These wonderful seasonal tree paintings at Curls Of Red

Every Single Post at A Magic Mom and Her Mandalas (seriously... I could not pick just one - many of her poem/mandala combinations move me to tears of beauty :)

Rabbits are a very special spirit animal for me and so I am loving Leah's New Moon Rabbit and Lit From Within.

This cheerful box and frame at Grace Is Overrated (and all of Christie's journal pages - they rock).

Eden's fabulous, vibrant Doodle Directories!

Dandelionlady's rich painting: Offering to the Swans

This amazing, colourful Tree drawing (done with markers) by Amy at Surviving the Day Every Day.

iHanna's hand-embroidered bicycle seat warmer. Wow!

Although not art directly, I'm really enjoying Lauren's series of Artist Interviews over at VisionWise - Earth Livity1111♥

This Flower Power print by Eliza Lynn Tobin of Art Asana

What are some of your favourite creative blogs to visit?


  1. You are in my RSS reader, Liberty, and when I took a quick, end of day peek and saw Divinity Withinity highlighted, my heart did a little happy dance!

    I know what you mean about winter. It's the same for me; I retreat within. Creativity shuts down a bit and all of the crafty things that usually bring me happiness seem inaccessible somehow.

    Thank you so much for including my blog in your list. When you're ready, I'll be so excited to see your rainbowy cell phone cover!

  2. Christie you have totally lifted my spirits this morning by telling me that it means something to see a new blog post from me in your reader! Thank you so much :)
    I am honoured that you felt that way :-)

    Re: winter retreat... I'm trying to grasp the idea that trees and plants appear to be dormant in winter but that, in fact, their retreat is actually getting ready for an energetic bursting forth in the spring. Kind of like my creativity is gestating (not sure if that's the right word :)
    Who knows what we will burst forth with soon after our healing retreat within!

  3. I receive an email any time you put something here. Will have to try to set up RSS reader. I get excited when I receive an email notice.

    Is that your wintry window? Thx for listing your favourite creative blogs. I don't have any to share, so am going to check out those ones. :-) I think the creativity gestation idea sounds pretty good! Nice way to think of it. Thx for the positive 'spin' on it. (Which is, as usual, refreshing & inspiring.)

  4. hi Katie,
    Thanks so much for your kind words and for letting me know you get excited about new posts from me! I have a big grin on my face :-)

    That is, indeed, my wintry window. I kind of cheated... it's not from right now but rather from back in December when we had a huge amount of snow fall.

  5. Hi! Thanks for the shout out! I love finding inspiration in other folks blogs. Sometimes when I'm feeling less than creative I'll blog hop and find some really amazing sites.

  6. You're welcome Amy :-)
    Blog hopping has led me to some really amazing sites too.

  7. Thanks for your lovely expression, Liberty. It's fantastic to read of the many facets of your Divinity, bouyed it is, inspite of the winter I did link to your places of inspiration and joy.

    I loved the excursion and am myself, bouyed on this week before V-Day, to love the hibernating self.

    We have many facets we spiritual creators and I'll enjoy going to those other blogs in this new year of the Rabbit.
    Thanks for the lift!

  8. Thank you for your Kind words Mokihana. I'm so glad you followed links and checked out some of the beauty out there.
    I love your words about loving your hibernating self.
    bright blessings to you!


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