Feb 7, 2011

Very Tiny Butterfly Doodle

I recently found some Fiskars squeeze punches at a discount store for $5 each. Wow! They work like a dream.
After testing them out with some white card stock, the little punched pieces suddenly looked like perfect, miniature canvases - just crying out for colour...

This butterfly is about the size of a penny :-)
Materials: micron pens, markers, card stock, punch

For some reason I find that I like doodling on smaller pieces of paper much more than on larger ones.

Do you have a size of paper you prefer doodling on?


  1. Lovely brith colors to keep the greys of winter at bay. Thanks for this post:)

  2. oops... for those of you who got this by email... there were many typos!!

  3. thanks for commenting Susan :-)
    It felt very much like colour to-keep-the-grey-of-winter-at-bay.


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