Mar 6, 2011

Enjoying Silliness... Eerie cat's eyes

I hope to soon have photos of sewing projects to share with you.

Until then... how about some silliness!?

I get such a big kick out of what my partner's iPhone flash does to our cat's eyes in photos and I thought... well... maybe some of you may get a laugh out of it too!
So here are some crappy quality silly cat photos for you:

That pillow was placed vertically to prevent cats from sitting on it and covering it in fur...
... but Spooky was unfoiled in her pillow-sitting plans!

Ninja loves it when we decide to reorganise the pantry.

I just love how Ninja's two differently coloured eyes match the orange and blue fabrics on the chair!

Are there any silly things you like that make you laugh?


  1. LOL - these sure have me laffing! Bionic cats!

    I laugh when I see squirrels hanging upside down on a tree, holding on with their back feet....this is usually done when they are trying to sneak into a bird feeder placed in a way to try to keep them from getting into it!

  2. Bionic cats! I love it Kitty LOL!
    Thanks for making me laugh with the wonderful squirrely silliness image ☺

  3. I love these! They are funny and pretty cool too!

  4. Haahaa, that is very funny and truly lovely to see your cats true eyes reflect in the camera in this way! You know my eyes tend to do the same when someone takes a picture of me! They either end up closed (as you'll probably notice in my latest post) or flashing out the camera)
    Your cats are truly lovely. :) xx
    How old are they?
    Anything makes me laugh. :) I think the last time I laughed so much was when I went hugging for a whole day with a kindness crew who do random acts of kindness in London, and they have a double decker bus of fun. In the top section they have one part of the bus filled with little multi-colored balls that you can swim in or throw them at others, and that is just what a group of us (adults and children) did, after we had hugged all day, we threw balls at each other whilst the bus was driving and I couldn't stop laughing! It was so fun and there was so much joy on the day. It was truly contagious. :)
    Again hoping you are well, and so good to be back. xx

  5. hi Ana, the cats are around 5 yrs old.

    I totally loved reading about your experience with the Kindness Crew! what a cool thing to be part of! thank you for sharing that :-)

  6. Those are so adorable :) Had me laughing pretty hard


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