Aug 28, 2010

Back From Omega Institute Retreat - Wonderful!!

I had a truly wonderful time last week.
I went on a Rest and Rejuvenation retreat at the Omega Institute in the country near Rhinebeck, New York.
It was beautiful, peaceful and definitely rejuvenating!
My campsite was at the top of a big hill and the entire grounds are hilly so I can't say it was restful but the exercise was good for me.
The food was buffet style, abundant and wonderful - gluten-free options at every meal.

I spent many hours at a table in their cafe or on it's patio drawing and painting.  My favourite drawing was gifted to a woman there who gave me an Eden Energy Medicine session that I could immediately tell had changed my life.  The results have stayed and it's so awesome!  The photo is unfortunately not the best quality but I'll share anyway:

I found myself just being present and, as a result, only took photos on the final day - and not many!  I have a few regrets about the lack of photos but zero regrets about being that present and relaxed.  I didn't worry even once about my cats, gardens or house.  In fact I hardly worried about anything at all (I'm usually a chronic worrier).

Here are a few Omega grounds pictures.  Click on them to see a larger view:
Pathway to library and gardens
Impressive organic cantaloupes!  They were delicious.
Stunning views on the drive there and back along the wonderful Taconic State Parkway

Aug 10, 2010

Creating My Own Artist's Retreat... ideas wanted!

I am excited to be camping at The Omega Institute next week for 5 days.

I will be doing what they call an R&R retreat which basically means I make my own retreat.  I can attend daily open classes in yoga, meditation, tai chi and movement.  I can also swim in the lake, use the sauna, library and sanctuary and explore the 195 acre grounds in rural upstate New York.

Not many of the free classes appeal to me so I've decided to create my own "Artist's Retreat".
I will draw myself a schedule (that leaves lots of room for swimming, hiking etc).

I have come up with a few things so far and I would love to add some more!

Who among my readers has ideas or themes for me?
Please don't be shy!   
Leave anything and everything that comes to your mind in the comments section!

Themes and ideas I have so far (not in order yet):

watercolour "dots and circles"
art journal/poetry/doodle themes: "inner peace", "dissolve pride, make room for love", "belonging to myself", "enjoying the now", "opening up", "expanding"
sketching/drawing "close up plant details"
watercolour "stripes and lines"
EFT on limiting beliefs about making a living through creating
sketching/drawing "shading practice" (I have zero shading skills)
watercolour "triangles"

Here are the materials I will have with me:

watercolour paints
limited supply of watercolour paper
coloured gel pens
black micron pens of various thickness
limited supply of markers
pencil and eraser
loose blank paper
large art journal
small sketchbook
super tiny sketchbook

I truly will love reading your ideas!  I so much enjoy how other people's minds come up with things that I never would have - often things that are so rich and stretch me beyond my familiar patterns.

Summer Mornings... flowers and walks

Summer has been a time of less sitting in front of the computer.
I begin my mornings instead by visiting my flowers to see what colourful treats have opened anew each day.  Today I have, among other things, Morning Glories in blue, white, 2 shades of purple, pink, fuschia and red (cardinal climbers).  Scarlet and pink sweet peas astound me with their delicious scent.  Zinnias impress me with their long lasting blooms (over a month now!) and various colours of Cosmos satisfy my urge to 'deadhead' and keep blooming prolifically!  My camera is still getting repaired so I have no photos.  These poppy photos are from about a month ago:
'Poppy in waiting' and close up of a poppy petal shortly after it unfurled.

Many days I go for an early walk and marvel at wonderful skies, brave rabbits and the amazing aerial acrobatics of swallows harvesting bugs from the air! Although it was only a few individual swallows, it led me to find this awesome video - how cool would it be to see something like that in person!?!

I love being awake earlier.  When less people are out and about I feel there is more space and I can spread my spirit out.

Morning Glory, Zinnia and Cosmos from previous years:

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