Dec 1, 2010

Christmas-y Wordle

Have you played with Wordle yet?
I love it. :-)
Basically you go to the Create page, type (or paste) text, hit the Go button and edit how you'd like the words to appear (horizontal, rounder edges, random shape, font, colours etc).  You can edit a custom colour pallette like I did with this Holiday-themed Wordle.  The more times a word appears in your piece of text, the larger it will be.  Therefore, if you want different sized words, you will need to have some words appear more than once.

You can write your own text or play around with copying and pasting poems, songs or writing from online sources.
click to see larger image

One of the few things I don't like about Wordle is that it doesn't make an image file you can save.  I got around this by using the ridiculously easy screen shot tool in Windows Vista called the Snipping Tool (which I just discovered today and am very excited about :)


  1. Thank you so much! This is fun. I especially like playing with the colours & fonts. Thx for sharing your cool discovery :-)

  2. you're welcome Katie! I wish I could recall where I first learned of it so I could give them credit :) I have lots of fun with it.

  3. What a cute idea with the words. I have a mac, so I'd have to figure out how to do the screen shot thing. I know it can be done though. BTW, thanks for the three thumps advice, it was perfect. I just read a book about Energy Medicine, that had the three thumps and then promptly forgot all about it when I returned it to the library.

  4. hi Melissa, I'm so glad the 3 thumps were good to mention. I didn't want to seem like a busybody! :-) I wonder if it was Energy medicine by Donna Eden that you read... does that ring a bell? It's an excellent book. So is Energy Medicine for Women by the same author.
    There's a pretty simple way to take partial (or full) screen shots with a Mac listed on this site in the Mac tab:

    Another option is to save the URL of the Wordle after you've published it on the site and share the URL with people. If you make one, I'd really, really love to see it or have a link to see it!

  5. How interesting! Every time I visit your blog, our lives seem to be very in sync. I have been having a play with wordle at the start of the month, and I think it's quite cool. Used it to translate my latest Novel into it's own wordle of it's own. Check it out at one of my latest posts. It's on the 2nd December to give you a better access to it. :) Hope you are well ~

  6. Ana you are so right about this synchronicity going on! I love your Wordle (and that we were doing one so close together!)


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