Nov 30, 2010

Christmas-y Things I Want To Do: List It Tuesday

I've been intending to take part in Aimee's fun List It Tuesday for a while but I never seem to get around to writing a list by hand, photographing it, uploading, editing... and then posting here.
So I decided to make a list in Windows Paint today instead.  It's a real bugger to work with so it helps me to relax, knowing that my drawings will look amateur no matter what I do :-)  Somehow that stops me from being too perfectionist.

Here's my list of Christmas-y things I'd like to do:


  1. your list makes me smile. for the first time in several years, it feels like christmas for me. i think i might have to borrow some of your ideas!

    i'm listing too. :)

  2. Very cute list - love the lettering! Good luck accomplishing those things! My Christmast list is growing, as is the holiday craft mess covering the table!

  3. Love your list, but are there really any cat-proof decorations?

  4. yay!! so glad you participated this week! i'd love to see your paper garlands when you make them!

  5. @S.E. I'm glad it made you smile! Borrow away! :-)

    @Amy Thanks! I like the lettering too. It's Sybil Green:
    I'd love to learn to write it by hand. I SO relate to your craft mess :)

  6. @Karen... I had a nice out loud laugh from your comment... I haven't really found cat proof decorations yet but am on a quest! I can't have a real (or fake) tree but made a fabric one that I hang on the wall. I found things I thought were cat proof and hung the 'tree' high enough... or so I thought... only to discover my one cat happily jumping 3 feet straight up to pull them off. This year may be hand coloured decorations in paper that are stuck on with a touch of gluestick. Then if they get torn off, no damage is done (to the cat ;-)

  7. @Aimee hopefully I will post the garlands soon! It's basically shapes cut out of paper and glued into string :)
    Kind of like this (but in Christmas-y colours :)
    It's one of those projects that seem so easy and exciting when I think of them... and then turn out to actually be very labour intensive or fiddly! So they are sitting on my procrastination table in my Procrastination Room LOL!

  8. sounds like a good plan. I'm a big ToDo lister, too! Hope you get through the list! {:-Deb


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