Dec 7, 2010

SNOWtographs and List It Tuesday

For today's List It Tuesday list, I decided to write a few things that I love about snow... since I'm a few days into one of the biggest snowstorms I've seen in my life!

The snow began innocently enough about a week ago and I danced around all excited at the first snow of the year, taking photos like this boring one that I'm now glad I kept for comparison:
First bit of snow
It snowed gently here and there for the first few days and then, within 2-3 days, almost as much snow dumped down on us as fell throughout the entire winter last year!  Snowly moly!  Apparently the reason just one small region can be hit is due to something called The Lake Effect.

Same shed about a week later!

Gracefully shaped snow overhang

I love the way the snow hangs over... seeming to defy gravity

Watch where you walk!

It looked magical last night... I'm looking forward to tonight after another 24 hours of snow!

* * *
I apologise for the big spaces between photos.  They don't exist when I create the post and Blogger won't let me edit them out!


  1. such a pretty list! love those flakes! you are so much more positive about snow than i! my family lives in northern indiana (US) and is getting dumped on...i don't miss the mess a bit. i'm a big proponent of snow on chrismas and no other day. you make good points is bright and glisteny.

  2. that snow on the fence is wild!
    I love your list - great movement to your words! {:-D

  3. wow! i am so jealous! since moving south the thing i miss absolutely the most is snow like this. so do my boys.

  4. Brrrr. It makes me cold just looking at your SNOWtographs (<<<cute!) - but I really like your list, especially the part about the snowflakes dancing :)

  5. Thanks so much for your comments everyone!
    I've noticed people tend to lean one way or another about snow... not many seem neutral! I confess that the thing I *don't* like about it is shoveling :-)

  6. Oh My! I love your writing & the way you wrote 'dancing'. I also love the way your words made me remember how flakes fall down then float up & all over the place sometimes. The photos are lovely. What a huge amount of snow. Last number I read was that there was over 100 cm that fell. Over 3 feet! wow. I like snow. I find it bright & pretty....if it's gonna be cold, it might as well be pretty :-) It's the Cold that I'm not a fan of.

    With that new camera of yours, I can hardly wait until an ice storm (although I don't like it for all who drive!) but I particularly love it when everything is covered in ice & the sun shines & makes JEWELS on the tree branches.

    Thanks for the great photos. :-) Katie

  7. WOW right back! Girl that is a lot of snow, I mean a lot!! I'm completely in love with your snow list, particularly the snowflakes-delicate and colorful and vivid! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  8. Wow! These photos are so gorgeous!! Living in Central California snow is rare, so your art is deeply appreciated on many levels!

    So grateful to have found you today!

    My CED2010 Check in

  9. Beautiful photographs! How amazing that we experienced similar weather. It had been snowing here in the UK last week, quite heavily and the snow was so pretty and cleansing to have around. Hope you are well, and thank you so much for the share. :)

  10. i love the part about air moving - had never thought about it before! we've had plenty of cold, but also plenty of glittering sunshine, so not one flake of snow this year so far!

  11. @Katie yes... it kept snowing after I posted this! It has stopped now but more is supposedly on the way! I'm not a big fan of the cold part of it either :-)

    @BioMouse thanks for your comment... and, totally off topic, I have to say that I love your name ♥☺♥

    @Julie I'm glad you found me! Thank you for your kind words about the photos :)

    @Ana thank you! It's so neat that you are having synchronous weather on the other side of the globe! I, too, find the snow feels cleansing. :)

    @Aimee if you do enjoy snow, I will envision some coming your way (but only if you want it ;-) I'm glad you've got glittering sun! It's so much nicer than gray skies.

  12. Oh WOW! I love your list. And I love all the pictures. You got SO much know. phew. Snow does make things bright. It is very gray here but when it snows I have to wear sunglasses :) Btw, I had a hard time with big spaces between photos too- and couldn't change it.

  13. thanks for commenting Lori :)
    and thank you for letting me know I'm not the only one getting those weird spaces in Blogger! I wonder what's up. It didn't use to do that... maybe it's just a glitch with the new editor :)

  14. The colors and words go together so vibrantly in your journal page. And the photos are beautiful! I live in Northern California, not much snow around here, and am a real wimp about the cold. But I do remember the silent beauty of cross-country skiing in the woods in Yosemite. Thanks so much for the lovely reminder.

  15. thank you BarbaraB. Your words about your skiing memory evoked a very poignant feeling for me - it sounds very special.


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