Dec 14, 2010

Add Character To Envelopes

I love decorating envelopes before mailing them to people.
I try to keep the decorations simple and quick to do so that if they get damaged in the mail, it's no big deal :-)

Here's an example of one I made recently before sending to a friend who likes blues, turquoises and spirals:

On a piece of paper, I used stamping ink pads for the coloured background, silver pen for the spirals and silver star stickers leftover from my holiday sticker garland project.  Then I glued the piece of paper to the envelope with a gluestick, trimmed the edges, taped the envelope closed and addressed the other side.   All set to go!
It was quick, easy and fun and I hope that it will brighten some postal worker's day.

I try to re-use and re-purpose as much as possible.  The piece of paper was scrap from the recycling bin and the envelope was re-used (hence my needing to tape it closed :)


  1. It's beautiful! I love the colors, spirals, and of course the stars :) Way to add some beauty!

  2. thank you! I'm so glad you like it Rachel... I should have thought of you right away with the stars ~*~ I hope it wasn't triggering for you!

  3. Looking good, and it's always so wonderful to re-purpose items and mail isn't it! I'd love to send you mail one of these days!

  4. thanks Ana! it would be fun to send mail to each other!


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