Dec 16, 2010

Handmade Christmas Cards

In a bit of a flurry, I realised this week that I had delayed too long, as usual, in sending cards out. I have store-bought cards I can use, which would have saved time, but my memory dances all over the place and I can't recall which ones I sent to which people last year! I don't really want to send anyone the same card 2 years in a row so I decided to make some by hand. After a few tries, I came up with a design I liked that didn't take too long to complete:
The background is done using the markers & plastic wrap technique I posted about a while back. It's an easy way to get slightly textured looking backgrounds in a snap without using paint. It doesn't warp paper like wet techniques do.

The balls were made by colour copying my red and green paper weaving, using a circle punch and attaching with glue(stick). The 'strings' are sparkly red gel pen.

I decided to brighten up the back of the envelopes using hand-carved eraser stamps. This snowflake is my most recent carved stamp and I am totally in love with it! It was a project that I was daunted by and doubted I could do... and so put off doing for a long time rather than try and fail. When I finally tried it, it worked out wonderfully! I never know when something may turn out to be much easier than I thought it would. :-)


  1. Love them! I had planned to make cards too this year but seems I'm quickly running out of time. Great ideas here, thanks for sharing.

  2. Beautiful looking Christmas cards :) That is wonderful to create something from the heart, and give it onto others. I also have been getting quite crafty with making Christmas cards this year as you know, as it makes me feel so warm inside just creating something with love. I love your background idea, with the markers & plastic wrap technique. That is something I'm going to have a go this weekend. Thanks :)
    Hope you are well

  3. Amy I loved the cards and ornaments you made here:

    I was really wowed. Mine are nowhere near that complex but I had fun making them :)


    Ana I know exactly what you mean! that warm feeling of creating something with love. I love that feeling :)
    If you try the technique, I'd love to see photos!

  4. Wow Liberty,- you hand carved a snow flake. They're so precise too, with so much detail. Maybe I'll try it now. I didn't think it would be possible.

    Your composition is really nice.

  5. I hope you try it Shayla! if you do - I'd love to see it :)
    I use linocutting tools to carve eraser stamps. it really makes a huge difference. I used to use tiny exacto knives and it's very hard to get detail and not accidentally cut off parts you wanted to keep!
    I do occasionally use the exacto for a tricky corner but mostly I use the smallest blade in the linocutting set.
    I use the set by Speedball that has a chamber for the blades in the handle itself:


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