Nov 19, 2010

BlueBird of Happiness - detail from art journal page

This small piece is one of my favourite parts from a larger art journal spread that I've been puttering with over the months.

You can click on the image to see a larger version (hopefully it works - this blogger feature has been causing me some problems lately).

I find art journalling so healing and therapeutic.  I often begin by laying down a background of words or images that express a difficult emotion I am processing, then when I have kind of 'gotten it out' I continue adding layers and transform the 'negative' into a viewpoint I'd like to have that is more positive.  It's rare that I art journal without realising something very important about myself.

The nice thing is that when I go back months later and look at a page, I usually can't recall the angst that began the page - I only recall the positive message/learning that came out of it!

Tip: the lid from an old toothpaste tube can be repurposed into a fun stamp that makes two circle sizes depending on which end you use.  I like the frilly edges it makes.  The border around the bird's 'nest' is made with a hand carved eraser stamp.


  1. The "enlarge" worked & I like that very much. I loved the second when my eye/brain perceived the bird!

  2. thanks for letting me know it worked Katie :-)
    neat that you had that second of perception! I hadn't realised how subtle the bird shape was until I was done :)

  3. Liberty, thanks for another peek into your art journals! I love your idea of layering your thoughts on a certain subject or experience. In many ways, this technique mirrors life experience. Would you agree? So many layers. Once again, you've inspired me.

  4. hi Christie... I'm sorry for the big delay in replying! I was having a computer free artsy weekend! :)
    Thank you so much for sharing your insight about how the layering technique mirrors life! I love it! I had never thought of that and I think its so true.


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