Nov 3, 2010

Lovely Autumn Shadows

On sunny mornings lately I have been loving the shadows on my dining room wall.
They are created by the sun shining through dried up flowers outside my patio door window... and also a few butterfly 'window clings' I have on the glass.

I still don't have a camera so these are taken with a video camera that has just one quality setting: 'sure-to-make-you-wish-you-had-a-real-camera!'.  That's not the official name of course... but it should be LOL!

Here's the view looking out the window showing what's creating those shadows (in the background you can see the pink sweet peas that have only succumbed to cold weather in the last couple of days!):

I also enjoy these shadows created by brass bells amidst leftover morning glory vines.  I played around a bit in my photo editor to give it an antique look.  Sometimes it doesn't look like shadows on a wall at all to me but rather objects seen through heavy fog:

One of my cats likes to 'help' with the photos  >^..^<


  1. How fun...the shadows are beautiful!

  2. Very cool and the not-so-focused look really adds to the visual interest of the photo!

  3. thanks Rachel and Amy :-)
    I am often captivated by shadows. another one I love is the pattern of sun through lace curtains/sheers.

  4. All very nice. I liked seeing what made the shaadows also


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