Sep 28, 2010

Mandala Drawing 1

As you can see, I love colouring so much that I can't wait until a drawing is 'finished to begin to colour it in.
The only thing I don't like about this is that I would love to make copies of entirely black and white drawing and be able to use them later as colouring pages.
I'm trying to discipline myself to do some drawing without colouring as I go along... for the express purpose of being able to copy them... and maybe share them here in case you'd like to print some out to colour in too!

early in the process

later in the process
I actually kind of prefer how it looked before I drew all of those lines around it (the ones filled with pink and greens).
Oh well!  :-)

I just have to say, again, that I am in love with Pigma Micron pens. (No financial interest)  I just love how they don't smear when I colour on them with marker (or watercolour paint).


  1. You sound like me when you say that you love to color in your images!!! Too funny!! These are AWESOME!! I think that's a great idea to make some black and white ones to color in as you choose! I'd download one that's for sure :D

  2. Yes Eden! We have been bitten by the same colouring bug methinks ;-)
    I'm glad you like this one!
    I will work on making some printable, colourable drawings/doodles.
    If you enjoy colouring, I wonder if you have signed up for the Dover updates?
    I've gotten a number of neat colouring pages from there (for free).

  3. Love it! and Coloring too!!!!

    My friend actually brought me coloring books while recovering from surgery. I am not too proud or too old to enjoy crayons and a good color session!

  4. what an awesome friend Amy! that is so cool :-)
    I love that it's getting more 'acceptable' for adults to colour.


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