Sep 21, 2010

The Magical Forest - returning to my heart

Yesterday during a meditation I was reminded that painting is the pathway to my heart... in a way it is my heart.
I have been drawing, sewing, doodling and more but haven't painted in over a month.
It takes a bit of prep work to begin and once I do, a time warp occurs and I emerge finding hours to have passed!  So I'm more likely to take an 'easier' or 'faster' creative path.

Yet when I do take the time to paint my spirit soars!
I am more in the moment than any traditional meditation can bring me.
I feel free, joyful, excited and immersed in a state of wonder at the beautiful colours and shapes that blossom.

I'm calling this piece The Magical Forest after the woods that live inside of me with my heart at their centre.
The heart is not seen directly here but the glow from behind the trees is from it.

The Magical Forest

Apologies for the photo quality.  When I get a camera upgrade, I will update the photo. :-)

Technical stuff for those interested:
I didn't use watercolour paper for this because I wanted some of the paint to be more diffuse and spread into the paper itself (watercolour paper has 'sizing' added to help prevent this).
I used 135lb smooth drawing paper.  Acid-free.
Tape paper on all sides with green painter's tape, pressed down firmly onto a metal clipboard.  can use masking tape but it is more likely to rip the paper when removed.
Wait more than 12 hours to remove tape.
The wait is worth it - it may feel dry to the touch and you may despair at how it's still warped but if you leave it long enough, this weight of paper will shrink almost flat again if the tape is pressed down well (and didn't get horribly soaked by water or paint).


  1. absolutely beautiful! hope you get more time to paint, especially if it is so good for you :) ((hugs))

  2. thanks so much Rachel. ((hugs back))
    It is sooo good and healing for me.
    I definitely will be making the time :-)

  3. Liberty, the colours are gorgeous! The lower half reminds me of the geologic processes going on deep in the earth and working their way up. Love it!

  4. thank you Christie :)
    the lower part feels like underground to me too - and I love the idea of processes going on deep inside!
    there's lots of that going' on here ;-)

  5. So beautiful . . . I would love to see it in person one day. Love & gentle ((hugs)) Sharon

  6. thank you Sharon! :-)
    love and hugs back

  7. Oh wow...just gorgeous! Thank you for sharing this piece!

  8. thank you Susan! and you're welcome (and thanks for making me feel special :-) :)

  9. You are most welcome:) Here is the link to The Scribbler!

    That is how I made my image:)

  10. wow - it's so cool that you made such a nice image with the Scribbler Susan!
    thanks for sharing the link :)

  11. This is gorgeous, I love the vivid colors.

  12. Love it! Wonderful! I have to still send you a picture of your art on my wall...will get to you soon!

  13. I love this! So colorful and vivid! I love how the trees look agains the background. Beautiful! Painting does allow for quiet of the mind and a direct path into the heart. I'm glad you are back to it.

  14. Thank you both! :-)

    Michelle I totally look forward to seeing that photo (but please don't stress about when it happens :)

    Amy I love your words - "quiet of the mind and a direct path into the heart". You expressed that beautifully. I'm glad I'm back to it too :-)


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