Sep 10, 2010

6 Random Things About Me

Random piece in progress

  1. I never get tired of Terry Pratchett books (NFI) - they are the one thing guaranteed to make me laugh out loud every time.  I love laughing out loud :-)
  2. I love storms - whether white-out blizzards or torrential rain.
  3. I hold back from trying to draw/paint/create more than 75% of the things I want to because I know I will not be able to make them 100% symmetrical.  The thing I do create never are symmetrical and no one else seems to mind... I so want to get over this!
  4. I still don't have my driver's license (I'm 34).
  5. Unless I have guests, I eat cake and pie right out of the pans I bake them in (I'm thinking a lot about baking yummy things now that it's cooling off enough to use the oven).
  6. I sing to my cat... and he loves it   >^..^<


  1. Lovely to know! I love storms too, and eat cake or pie whenever seems yummiest (breakfast!), but not necessarily out of the pans ;)

  2. Cake for breakfast... yes! I love doing that too :)
    thanks for commenting :-)


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