Jan 11, 2011

We Are All Connected

those are galaxies in that photo - it blows my mind :-)

When Leah posted this month's Creative Every Day theme of Cosmos, I was so excited!

Thinking about our amazing bodies in our amazing world and it's place in our amazing Universe is one of the things that feels incredibly spiritual for me. I am in awe of both the vastness and the intricacy of the cosmos.

My mom sent me a link to a video a few months ago that perfectly expressed the joy and awe that I feel when I think about 'All That Is'. It effected me and inspired me on a very deep level. I often watch it a few times a day.

It's partially electronic music (warning for those of you who don't like that :) but the music is not overly what hooked me - it's the words of the various scientists in the video.

We Are All Connected by Symphony of Science:

Below the video, there is a part where they have entered text sharing the words in case any are hard to understand. I found it helpful.
If it doesn't show, you can click on the little down arrow that is right under the number of views the video has had.

In the video, there are some clips of physicist Richard Feynman - who I hadn't heard of!
He was so charismatic and joyful that I got curious and read more about him. He's a very fascinating guy.

For those of you who would enjoy watching simple physics things explained (like how light works, why ice is slippery etc) there is a fun series of videos by him that I loved. It's called "Fun To Imagine". He has a great gift of explaining in ways that non-scientists can understand.
Note the sound quality is poor - I had to turn them way up to hear.
Some of it is complex enough that it boggles my mind a bit and I really love how passionate he is. It felt like the passion itself helped me to understand things that may normally have been impossible for me.

part 1

part 2

part 3

Further parts should be listed on the right of the youtube page of those videos. let me know if you have trouble finding them.


  1. Namaste my sister, I will enjoy being a follower of your fine site. I invite you to join mine so that we may share in your views.

    In Lak' ech, my sister, love beyond the borders of fear...

  2. Welcome Christopher and thank you for your warm comment! I will be visiting your blog :-)



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