Feb 5, 2010

Getting Distracted by Clutter

I have gone into my new creativity room a number of times over the last few days with the intention of working on art... only to find myself distracted by organising or tidying the room.
Maybe it's easier for me to create when things feel settled around me.
The room is a big mess still.  It had been full of boxes and I'm slowly sorting through them - finding all sorts of things I was keeping 'in case' I wanted to use them in art 'some day'.  I have boxes and boxes of those 'some day' items!
I'd like to pare down but have a hard time deciding what to let go.

What a mess!
yes, that is a snake skin on the wall :-)  a wonderful snake I met this summer shed and left it fresh in the sun for me!


  1. Having just de-cluttered (yet again), I understand your angst! But just dive in and do one thing at a time. Be ruthless in throwing "stuff" away. Once you are done, the creativity just flows like a stream. I've reorganized and parred down twice since starting my blog (see my studio under categories) and each time I felt a renewd sense oc creativity!! Good luck...

  2. That renewed sense of creativity sounds wonderful!
    I loved the recent acrylic piece on your site (Red Hot Sunset). So vibrant and alive!
    Thanks for visiting :-)

  3. I recently cleaned up my craft room,it's not quite back to the way it was but close.It is a good feeling starting fresh.I am a bit leary of getting rid of things too,I just try to organize a little better so I know where things are.I like the color of your walls.
    Good Luck

  4. Thanks BeadsbyColor... organizing! yes, I need to learn how to do that better since I can't seem to part with my 'stuff'.

    Ginormous Duck... just have to say the name of your blog ROCKS!!!! :-)


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