Feb 2, 2010

February CED Theme 'Home'

The monthly CED theme for February is 'Home'.

I love this theme and got started on it by creating this blog as a place to be my online 'Home' for being creative.

Part of my creating involved choosing a blog template I liked and learning how to edit it, making sidebars more narrow, content wider, things like that.  There's still some work to do before it feels like 'Home' but it's getting there and the process of learning how to make changes was a good challenge for my brain.

In my non-internet life, the 'Home' theme is very fitting.
I've been living in this house for 3 years now and have only just begun making a room entirely mine in the last few days.  Until then the only space I had was shared space - there was nowhere for me to spread out and be totally 'me' without considering how I impacted others.
I am so excited to have a room I can decorate exactly how I want, leave creative projects around partly finished and expand energetically.

Much tidying and sorting is involved (not entirely fun), repotting a number of plants... the cats will not be allowed in this room so I can have plants without them getting eaten.  I love potting plants - it feels very nourishing.

Soon I will cover the walls with things I have created, with possibly some of others' art that inspires me.

A house is not a home to me without plants

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