Feb 15, 2010

Fragrance In Gluesticks

Due to the high VOC content in liquid glue, which I react badly to, I use gluesticks most of the time for my adhesive needs.
Unfortunately, the only gluestick that I had been able to find unscented has changed their formula and now adds fragrance. :-(
So I have less than one full gluestick left!  Woe is me!
I wish I knew why on earth companies feel the need to add fragrance to a glue stick.
I react to even small amounts that the average person can't smell.

If anyone knows of a glue stick that they are positive is fragrance free, can you let me know?  Unfortunately they don't label them as being scented so the only way I can find out is to buy it.



  1. Libby, I use Elmer's Washable School Glue Stick,
    with Disappearing Purple color in it...that helps to show where the glue is being applied, so that I don't go over the edges. I've used these glue sticks for all of my photo card making and there seems to be absolutely no fragrance in them...I don't react at all to them. I have tried others and they are stinky.
    Hope that helps!
    So love your new blog!!!

  2. Thanks so much Ruth!
    I will go out and buy one today.
    I have tried to many without success but I don't think I've tried that one so i will give it a go!
    I like the ones with disappearing colour - so much easier to see where it's been applied as you say.
    I'm glad you like the blog!
    It's turned out to be a very happy thing :-)
    hugs and gratitude,


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