Feb 1, 2010



I'm not quite sure what is going on with this playful piece.  I think I will add more layers to it as inspiration hits.  Right now the big empty spaces feel... well.. empty.
The background feels messy - I miss my acrylics SO MUCH.  I can't use them due to reactions to chemicals. I was trying to create a look of texture with just markers and watercolours on flat paper.  Not working... yet.
I rarely plan what comes out - I just go with the flow.
The words that came were 'possibilities... fill the silver seas'.
The huge red egg feels like something exciting about to hatch soon.
The grinning, tiny whale felt very fun even though the logical part of me thought it was ridiculous.  :-)


  1. I like it. I love the whale & I very much like the fishes & the way the person is at the edge Watching....Waiting
    It feels magical & very ... hm....very pregnant - with unknown potential waiting to come to life!

    :-) Thx, Katie

  2. Thanks for sharing Katie!
    It does feel like the figure is watching and waiting.
    Pregnant! I hadn't even thought of that but it fits.

  3. I really like this piece, the colors and flow are so pretty.


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