Feb 8, 2010

Colouring Fun!

The child in me loves colouring.
There are many neat colouring books you can get these days that are details enough to appeal adult-level colouring skills.
There are also a number of places online where one can print off colouring pages for free.

I can't recall where I printed this one from but it's one of my favourites:


My thanks go to http://www.mandalarbre.com for their amazing, inspiring colourable mandalas. They are all designed by Marc Bove and are copyrighted.
They have galleries there where you can see various coloured-in mandalas. It's wonderful seeing all of those vibrant colours!  You often can print out free sample pages.  Here's one:

And if you love whimsy, check out Phee McFaddell's colouring pages!
Lots of fun fairies and fantastical creatures:

I like having a few colouring pages on the go - it can help me get unstuck on a main project.  I think that a freed-up inner child is a boon to any artist!


  1. Oh hooray! I love to color! Can't wait to check out these fun fun pics and color them too. I love your color choices for the mandala!

  2. Thanks Emily!
    I enjoyed visiting your blog just now :-)
    Am still smiling from the 'Engage' video!

  3. I often color a picture along with the kids when they do so. It's so much fun! I really like the pictures you found and will have to check out the link.

  4. I love coloring too. You did a beautiful job with the mandala. Thanks for your comments on my blog. xo


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