Apr 9, 2010

Magic Tags and Love Collage

Made from scraps of failed paintings and filled with words I love, interspersed with sparkly tinsel, these 'magic tags' all in a row make my art room a happier place:

Update: I finally came across the photo that inspired me to do these (although the method is a bit different, the core idea was from here).  Like much of my favourite inspiration, this came from Daisy Yellow (thank again Tammy!).

While sorting boxes, I found a collage done a few years ago.
It is so simple yet when I got to this point, I loved how it looked and didn't want to clutter it up!  The wonderful image in the centre is by an artist I love - Susan Seddon Boulet.


  1. It's a lovely collage! I really like the colors and the harmony in it. nancy

  2. I like the idea of useing scraps,I always throw mine away.I remember you made some cute book marks a while back too.We do need to believe in magic.I also like the colors in your collage,it looks so warm.Thank you for your comment on my blog it's such a joy to get them.

  3. thank you Tammy.
    it is such a joy yo get comments - you've left me so many and it means so much! :-)
    I'd love to see what you do with some scraps!

  4. That's a truly loving way of creating something meaningful and at the same time useful in your life.
    Wonderful ideas of those tags.
    I have one hanging of an old calendar picture with the words "believe in yourself" on my main board, next to a painting made on an old material that was recycled for the painting.
    I know am going to enjoy your blog, already am loving it!

  5. Thank you Ana,
    I, too, love this idea of the tags. I think it was sparked by a photo I saw on the Daisy Yellow site by Tammy. (only I liked hers better :)

  6. I love the collage. :-) And the hanging magic tags.


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