Apr 16, 2010

Spring poem "THIS is being alive"

I awoke early today and was out walking as the sun just barely came above the horizon.  It is warm here in southern Ontario and the wind was delicious and smelled fresh.  It was a joyful walk and a wonderful morning

Upon return, I felt like writing for the first time in a long time.
I've posted the poem/prose over at my wordy blog May Words Flow.
It's called "THIS is being alive"

Redbird sings
sweet piercing
sunrise salutation

Robins, en masse,
hunt for breakfast

and a school janitor
quietly collects garbage
blown around by the night winds.

After walking,
I sit on a bench
and raise my arms to the sky.

Sitting here typing now,
I look out the window and see
a rainbow!

is being alive.


  1. Your poem is lovely - as lovely as a rainbow. nancy

  2. thank you so much Nancy! what a lovely comment to start my day with :-)

  3. You won the prizes for my giveaway! Shoot me an email with our mailing information :) Thanks and congrats!

  4. wow! Thank you Rachel!
    I love your work so much.
    I've sent my snailmail info to you.


  5. That is truly beautiful.
    I feel the aliveness in this poem very strongly and I wish you well wherever you pass in this bright eyed existence.
    Happy creative every day month.
    Your blog is truly inspiring. :)

  6. Thank you so much Ana for your loving words!!!
    I wish you well too and am looking forward to exploring your wonderful blog.


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