Apr 7, 2011

In Love With Texture - Sculpture Painting

Now that I am starting to be able to use acrylic paints and glue again as my chemical sensitivities are improving, I am starting to get excited about returning to my first artistic love: TEXTURE building.
I am completely in love with building interesting texture and painting over it.
I use various things to build the texture, gluing on whatever calls to me in the moment.
Tissue paper, fabric, brown paper bags, found objects and dried organic objects like leaves, feathers and seed pods... the possibilities are endless when you have glue and can use it!

Here is a sculpture painting from many years ago that I had a lot of fun making:

And another angle with less glare:

A number of years ago I lived in Montreal which has an amazing system of alleys - awesome places for finding strange little bits of this and that simply crying out to be glued onto something and enjoyed :-)
Most of my 'strange stuff stash' has been packed away, awaiting the day I could use glue again. I think it's time to get it out!

Is there anything you've been saving to use 'one day' that you could dig into right now!?


  1. Wow, amazing!
    It is so good to see you experiment in with different mediums. I love the texture of this work. It is truly priceless and so very unique. You know now that you mention it, your question seems to fit (always) in line with what I have been experimenting in lately and that is acrylic painting.
    I have always wanted to try it, and bought a pack of acrylic paints and paper this New Year to get started, and since then have been painting away. One of my first pieces can be seen on my recent blog post, especially produced for a collaborative creative project!
    I have missed you, and hope you are well.
    Again as I return, we are aligned jointly in our own lives.
    Hope you are having an enjoyable Spring! xx

  2. hi Ana, how awesome that you followed that intuitive urge and bought acrylics!
    I hope you enjoy them as much as I do :-)
    As always, the synchronicity between us is delightful! It always makes me smile and feel connected to something larger.
    Spring is finally spring into life here and I love it!
    sending springy smiles your way

  3. Great texture! I pick up bits of junque as I find them, too. I have an old rusted, smooshed flat metal snuff can just waiting for the perfect project. DH thinks I'm nuts.

  4. Amazing, amazing, amazing! This has got my mouth wide open.

  5. Thank you Melisa! That smooshed and weathered snuff can sounds like a real treasure!

  6. Wow - thanks B! You've put a big grin on my face :-) :-) :-)

  7. Dear Liberty,
    Just so you know I am having a Spring Awareness Giveaway on my blog, and you are invited. :)
    I am giving away 3 of my nature inspired photograph postcards, and 2 greeting cards PLUS a surprise craft.
    In order to enter you need to answer the following questions:
    What have you discovered about yourself this Spring? And how has your creativity helped you, in raising that awareness?
    Feel free to stop on by.
    I'm more than happy to ship Internationally. :) Ends 27th April 2011.
    Love ~

  8. thank you for letting me know about your giveaway Ana! The photograph postcards are beautiful! I will enter soon (have to write my answer :)


  9. Oooohhh...now I have to go and glue some "stuff" and paint over it! Heaven only knows I have enough "stuff" wainting to be glued, painted, clipped, etc! Thanks for the inspiration =)

  10. thanks for commenting Maron. If you do play with painting over 'stuff', I would so, so, SO love to see it!


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