Aug 10, 2010

Creating My Own Artist's Retreat... ideas wanted!

I am excited to be camping at The Omega Institute next week for 5 days.

I will be doing what they call an R&R retreat which basically means I make my own retreat.  I can attend daily open classes in yoga, meditation, tai chi and movement.  I can also swim in the lake, use the sauna, library and sanctuary and explore the 195 acre grounds in rural upstate New York.

Not many of the free classes appeal to me so I've decided to create my own "Artist's Retreat".
I will draw myself a schedule (that leaves lots of room for swimming, hiking etc).

I have come up with a few things so far and I would love to add some more!

Who among my readers has ideas or themes for me?
Please don't be shy!   
Leave anything and everything that comes to your mind in the comments section!

Themes and ideas I have so far (not in order yet):

watercolour "dots and circles"
art journal/poetry/doodle themes: "inner peace", "dissolve pride, make room for love", "belonging to myself", "enjoying the now", "opening up", "expanding"
sketching/drawing "close up plant details"
watercolour "stripes and lines"
EFT on limiting beliefs about making a living through creating
sketching/drawing "shading practice" (I have zero shading skills)
watercolour "triangles"

Here are the materials I will have with me:

watercolour paints
limited supply of watercolour paper
coloured gel pens
black micron pens of various thickness
limited supply of markers
pencil and eraser
loose blank paper
large art journal
small sketchbook
super tiny sketchbook

I truly will love reading your ideas!  I so much enjoy how other people's minds come up with things that I never would have - often things that are so rich and stretch me beyond my familiar patterns.


  1. Hi Liberty:
    I think I would take a couple of favorite or new creativity/spirituality books, and the art journal ... and work on it with water colours and a black ink pen. I have a black fountain pen that I love. The ink is almost waterproof, so that when I fill in my drawings with watercolour it bleeds just slightly in places. I love the look of that. I hope you get your camera back in time for your trip! I'm sure that once you get there you will get lots of new ideas and end up coming home with sketches and journalling that will keep you going creatively for ages! On the other hand, there is the 'being' side of a retreat there, and maybe you will get so absorbed in absorbing that you won't feel that much like you should be producing art while you're there. I'm so happy for you that you get to go there!! I can't wait to hear all about it when you get back.

  2. Thanks so much Willow Carver :-)
    I am going to go through my books to find a few that fit - I like this idea a lot.
    Since I've been using Micron pens (that don't bleed when wet) I had forgotten about how much fun the bleeding can be! I am going to bring some bleeder pens too - thank you!
    I'm also bringing my discman and a few meditation cds as a reminder to let myself just BE and not feel the need to DO or stay busy.

    I am going to get a loaner camera for the trip :-)

  3. Here's a thought, non-dominant hand painting or drawing. I was forced to do it when my youngest daughter would fall asleep on my right hand, and I found out that I actually have better design and composition skills with my left hand. It's like each hand has it's own strengths and weaknessess. Something to explore at least.

  4. Try a color a Zentangle hour, or a Blue page, Green Page, Red Page....

    Take a mirror and do an abstract or sketch of your face...self-portrait.....Or just get the outline and play inside. Or maybe another body part.

    Will you be taking your camera?

    Hope you have a wonderful time!! Sounds so cool!

  5. @dandelionlady - thank you! that is such a great idea. my non-dominant hand is way better at painting or drawing realistically and I find it also really therapeutic to use. I tend to forget for months or years about this technique though... for some reason. Thank you so much for reminding me :-)

    @Eden thank you - I really like the ideas you've shared. I will be taking a camera and I hadn't even thought of that it could be part of my 'retreat' as well! I could have photography prompts or themes! :-)

  6. Have SO much fun! What a wonderful way to nurture your creative spirit. I love Omega. It is a beautiful and nurturing place. Wishing you the best :)

  7. just saying, wow, lucky you!
    sounds liek you've got great ideas already. do enjoy just retreating too, relaxing, NOT doing.

    have a blast!

  8. Thanks so much Lori and Monica!


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