Jul 6, 2010

Doodle: Don't Wait! Do Something You Love Today

Much to my excitement, I sold my first drawing recently.
It's on it's way, all across the ocean, to Finland!  How awesome is that!?
I have 2 more copies of it in the Etsy shop I just created and more can be made if there's a demand.

This inspired me to draw more - something I really love but hadn't done for a while.  'Kiitos' Michelle!

Here is one of the things I drew in the last week.  At 2.75" x 3.25"  it's not exactly the right size to be a wallet card... or an ATC... it's just a cute little reminder.  The size was dictated by some cardstock scraps I had.
I laminated it when done to protect from moisture.  My opinion on self laminating sheets is not high after trying them.  I used the kind that does not require heat to bond - it's a simple adhesive.  It was relatively easy to use but not nearly as durable as I would have liked.  The bonus was no fumes.  :-)

Apropos of nothing I'd like to say that I love, love, love my Micron pens. ♥  Wonderfully crisp lines that, once dry, most markers will not smear when colouring.

Front and back before colouring:

After colouring (unfortunately I really can't capture how vibrant the colours are in real life):

If you have a keen eye, you may notice that more detail got added after colouring.  I always want to add more and more.  Hard to know when to stop!
I will be taking my camera in to 'repair'.  Which usually means they just give me a new, upgraded one :-)
Maybe I will be able to take better photos soon!  Yay!


  1. Of course, I will send you a pic when I frame it and put it up!
    Sinä olet tosi hyvää - kiitos paljon. Michelle
    (you are very good - thanks alot!)
    or a lot - see link;)

  2. I will love to see tat picture Michelle!
    ...there's a fun blog post about alot/a lot that gave me a good laugh here:

  3. Congrats on your first sale!!!! That's big time to us artists!! I noticed you have Susan Seddon Boulet as one of the artists you like. She has always been one of my fav's too. Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

  4. Congratulations on the opening of your shop and your first sale!

    Love your colourful doodle and the message too. It's great to be reminded not to put off doing the things you love!

  5. Congrats on selling your drawing! I've just been working on getting my etsy shop back in shape. Can I ask what Multiple Chemical Sensitivity is? At my house we're either sensitive or allergic to most everything.

  6. Fun and colorful doodles! I'm not a fan of the self adhesive laminating either.

    I have found that small ID card/business card sized pieces can be heat laminated using a regular household iron and the protective sleeve. ope that helps!

  7. Thank you everyone for the congratulations!

    @Rebecca, yes... Susan Seddon Boulet is so wonderful.

    @Christie, thanks for your kind words about my doodle :-)

    @Stephanie thanks for the laminating tips. I didn't know about protective iron sleeves! I will have to look into that. ☺

    @dandelionlady I hope you put some of your awesome aprons on your Etsy! MCS is a complicated health condition where people have adverse reactions to chemicals at levels WAY below what would bother a normal person. For example a person with MCS could react to one *drop* of perfume/fabric softener/cleaning chemical in a room. To be MCS, the reactions have to occur in more than one body system (eg neurological, respiratory, digestive etc). It is not an allergy though some people with MCS do have allergies too. I noticed that you cook gluten free. Many people with MCS have extensive food sensitivities as well (I am GF too). Research is now suggesting that which body systems get effected can depend on where in the body there is elevated nitric oxide. If you want info or links, just let me know :)

  8. congrats on the sale of your first drawing

    I love the name of your blog and think I might be back here :)

  9. Thanks Kel!
    I just dove into your X Facta blog (awesome name :) and right away found an incredibly synchronous post! I'm loving it ☺♥☺

  10. Congratulations. I checked out & like your Etsy page. Hope you add more items too.

    I love your doodle.


  11. thanks Kitty!
    I'm in the process of deciding what items to add.

  12. Wooooooooooooooot congratulations, that is wonderful news that you have sold your first painting! And on Etsy too, your new shop :) I'm excited for you! Yay. And what a lovely way to celebrate, but to just keep on drawing filled with so much love and passion for creativity. Great reminder of what we can do when we put ourselves whole into an experience. Your drawing is amazing and I love the colors. Interestingly I have been browsing new color pens and haven't been sure which ones to get, so these Micro Pens have come about at a good time.

  13. Hi Trulyana,

    thanks so much for sharing my excitement!
    The Micron pens used in this doodle are just black. the reason I love them is for their strong, crisp lines... but most of all because they are permanent and I can colour over them with markers after I draw - and they don't smear.
    Sharpies are the same but they have a lot of toxic solvents/fumes that I avoid.
    I have found that coloured pens and markers don't need to be expensive to be enjoyable to use.
    I hope you find some you like!

  14. Lovely doodle..I suck at the random like that, and so admire people who are able to just freeflow like that. :)

    I had friends who had MCS years ago, and I got used to going completely scent free, and now I can't handle anything but unscented or plant based scents. Anything else gives me nasty headaches. Besides, most artificial scents are so, so wrong!! lol

  15. congrats on selling your first drawing, that IS very exciting.
    love my micron pens too.

  16. @muralimanohar
    I used to suck too! but sometimes I can get into a headspace where I can just flow... and I find the more I do that, the easier it becomes.
    I'm sorry you get headaches from scented stuff though I bet it's great for your health that you avoid artificial scents. They can lead to so many problems.

    Thank you! :-)

  17. WOW, I am thrilled to arrive back home to find your package!!!! What a great way to end a trip! It's wonderful, the colours are fantastic and I will have it professionally framed. I am not sure where to put it, but I know I want to position it in a place where I can see it every day! Oh, and thanks for the laminated card - actually I like it on my fridge, reminding me to do something I love today - which is hang out in the garden. I will send a pic to you soon - once your art is up and ready for others to behold.

  18. Yay!!! That's so wonderful Michelle! I am so happy you are thrilled :-]
    Gardening is something that I love too - just hanging out there or giving my plants and flowers a brief visit at the beginning of my day feeds my soul.


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