Jun 24, 2010

New Hard Drive... and a minor earthquake!

Sorry to have been incommunicado for a while.  My hard drive died.
I have a new one now and have finally worked out all of the tech issues (I hope!).
Soon I will have my photos back on here and can share some of what I've been up to creatively :-)

My little bit of 'excitement' recently:
I experienced an earthquake yesterday!  Well... just the mild tremors of the aftershock :-)
There was a mild, 5.0 earthquake centered in Quebec and it could be felt up to 500km away.  Yesterday afternoon I suddenly felt the house shaking and things on top of the fridge began to rattle.  In passing I mildly thought, "Maybe it's an earthquake... nah, just a big truck somewhere nearby."  But later found out there had, indeed, been an earthquake.  Not a common occurrence here at all.  I think the last one was over 10 years ago.  Of course this can really only be 'exciting' if no one gets hurt - which no one did from what I could tell.

I'll leave you with a photo from a few summers ago of where I'm daydreaming of being (instead of in the hot, humid, icky weather at home):

Bruce Peninsula National Park, Ontario, Canada.

Wild, breathtakingly beautiful, freezing cold water even in August (which never, no never, stops me from swimming :).

If you're somewhere hot, what do you do to keep cool?


  1. Today it is going to reach 100 degrees with a heat index of 106. On days like this I stay inside and drink home made ice tea ... heavy on the ice.... and dream of swimming in a cool pool.

  2. wow Amy, that's HOT.
    We've been having humidex of 'feels like' 38, 39 C which is around 100.
    I can only imagine how hot the heat index of 106 must feel! Yikes!
    Dreams of swimming sound good.
    Thank you for the great idea of home made ice tea. I think I'll make some herbal ice tea, maybe rose hip.

  3. We shared an earthquake! It was felt in Detroit, too. Though I was downtown at the time, I didn't feel it for some reason. Maybe because I was thirty floors up.

    Beautiful peninsula.

  4. we're earthquake buddies!! LOL!
    I'm GLAD you couldn't feel it 30 stories up :-o

  5. I didn't feel your earthquake, but your picture brought back memories. One of my favorite trips with the hubster was to the Tobermory and then across on the car ferry to spend a couple of days on Manitoulin.

    Loved the island and love Tobermory.


  6. Great cool looking photos!
    We are going to be sunny and only in the low 70's until next week. I can work on my different project and not get sweaty finger marks on everything. Yeah!!. I'm in heaven!! We have Earthquakes--mostly when Mt. Saint Helens is doing a bit of growing but not much otherwise thank goodness!

  7. Vicki that sounds wonderful! I haven't been to the island but I'd love to.

  8. Hi Stephanie,
    it has cooled down for a bit here too. thanks for the great laugh re sweaty finger marks LOL!

  9. Ha, funny...we had an earthquake here yesterday, a 3.5, just up the coast from me, and I was sitting there trying to decide what would make my chair feel like someone just joggled it...I didn't even think earthquake, cause they are not common here! :p

    It's hot here, and humid (HUMID!), but the most I really do is try stay hydrated, and avoid going out in the middle of the day if at all possible. If I am really badly off, I might swim in the pool, or walk to the beach. :D

  10. Whoa..I take it back...within the last two weeks, there have been 34 earthquakes in Hawaii..counting the other Islands. What am I, Captain Oblivious???? lol

  11. Captain Oblivious!?!? LOL! that gave me a great laugh!
    The humidity can really make the heat much less bearable than dry heat i find. How wonderful to live close to a beach!!!


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