Jul 12, 2010

Under the Shagbark Hickory Tree

A provincial park near me has a wonderful tree that I love to sit under.
It's a huge, mature Shagbark Hickory that takes a while each spring to fill out... but when it does... it's glorious!

Lush, thick leaves tower toward the sky, providing welcome shade on hot summer days.  It has a nice amount of space under it where there are no branches - more than 8 feet of clearance.

I take a chair, blanket, snacks, book and camera and can happily spend a day there.
Some lovely sights within a few feet of my chair:

This is the sunny St. John's/Joan's Wort, the plant that helps keep my mood balanced without side effects since I've become sensitive to pharmaceuticals. It works best for mild to moderate depression but I have found that it does help lessen my severe depression and SAD, especially now that I've discovered some other supplements that help including (but not limited to :) folic acid, selenium, B12, vitamin D and 5HTP.
One of these days I'd love to grow and harvest it myself instead of buying it.
(please consult health care provider before using anything I mention :)

Does anyone know what kind of butterfly that is? 

Just for fun... here's a photo of my cat sitting on a box... why not!?  ☺☺☺  He loves boxes and was a bit put out that 'his box' had been turned on it's side so he could no longer do his fancy leap into it.  But he made it work for him this way too ;-)


  1. I don't know what kind of butterfly that is BUT I too saw one (and drew it for my little CED2010 effort) yesterday.

    Very pretty and I think it's the first time I've ever seen that one in Ottawa!

  2. I found it!

    It is a Red Admiral - http://onnaturemagazine.com/butterfly-and-moth-guide.html/4

  3. what a delightful little spot! Totally jealous :) And your cat is adorable. ((hugs))

  4. thank you EVA!!!! that's the exact one! and it's so much nicer in person than in the photo.
    I liked your drawing!


    Rachel I passed your compliment on to my cat and he blinked in appreciation ;-)
    ((hugs back))

  5. Great photos, and a lovely spot. I know I've seen that pretty little flower out and about, but I didn't know it was St. John's Wort. Thanks for enlightening me :)

    I used to have a cat that looked just like yours. He used to drape himself around my neck when I was studying, and would bat at me as I passed if I didn't pay any attention to him ;) I miss having a kitty :(

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I look forward to seeing more of your creativity here:)

  6. xinme I loved reading about your cat - those are both such adorable things for him to do! I'm sorry you're kittyless :-(
    I knew a family with 9 cats and they called that 'bat at the leg if not paying enough attention' thing 'The Hook' because their cats would also sit on the counter and do it as they walked past, trying to 'hook' them into giving some cat love (or food ;-)

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog :) That tree looks like a wonderful place to pass the time and I LOVE that photo of the willows! Aren't kitty's the best, mine is racing around the house as I'm typing on a mission to catch an invisible bug, ha!

  8. LOL! I totally love those invisible things cats chase!

  9. What a truly beautiful place, and it's so wonderful just to be and relax within nature. I have no idea what kind of butterfly that is but he/she looks very pretty and reminds me of one I saw not too long ago.
    Your cat is lush, and it's great that you snapped him up. :)
    Happy Creative Every Day

  10. thanks for commenting Trulyana!
    I so love my cat :-)
    snap snap! LOL!

  11. Hiding out under a shagbark hickory sounds like a wonderful way to pass a day. I love the texture of their bark. I want to plant one in our yard, but I think my husband is set on a white oak.

    I was hoping you could share those recipes you mentioned on my blog, especially the gluten free ones that are sweetened with stevia. Another friend of mine is diabetic and it would be great to be able to include him in celebrations.

  12. I'd love to share the recipes :)
    is there a way I can contact you by email?


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