May 25, 2010

Slow Journalling on Conflict

A big thank you to Tammy of Daisy Yellow for introducing me to her style of Slow Journalling.  I found that I came to a deeper understanding of what I was journalling about than if I had written in the normal way. 
The care and time that it took to make my letters fit the varying sizes of space brought me more into the present and somehow, at the same time, tuned me into my intuition more.

Have you ever tried Slow Journalling?
At first it didn't appeal to me at all but I decided to try it and really enjoyed it.  It was a good stretch for me.


  1. beautiful page! i love the way the words curve, and the colors!

  2. This is a great page!!! I love to slow-journal, but always do it from a piece I've already written out!! Hey, don't ever let some salesman make you feel bad!!! You have a right to buy or not buy whatever you wish!

  3. I'm so sorry for taking so long to get these comments thru and replied to!
    I had a crazyily busy few days.

    @little sheep - thank you!

    @Eden - Thanks for your encouragement/support about the salesman! He was such a *&#@! I definitely felt better after doing this page.
    I hadn't even thought of doing slow journalling from an already done piece. That's a neat idea.
    Do you have any posted on your blog?

  4. Nice page, going slow makes us mindful, it is always a good thing to do every now and then!


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