Jun 11, 2010

Finding Beauty In Everyday Things

I try to notice the beautiful in everyday things - pleasing colours, shapes, textures and light.
Here are some pictures of things that have made me smile recently (apologies for the poor photo quality - neither my camera or editing program are great):

Vibrant pollen on Jacob's Ladder stamens - these smell divine!

Variegated yellow corn on the cob dripping with butter looked so wonderful against the blues of this awesome plate my mom made (she's a potter)

Both of the cats fit together on the tiny stool!  Which is more impressive if you know how... erm... wide the cat on the left actually is :-)   The cats love open windows.

I loved the contrast of the purple and green on this spring violet.

Luscious buttercup soaking up the sun.

I couldn't resist another photo of this amazing plate.  It is the most perfect toast plate ever!  I eat some pretty curious food - that's gluten-free toast and sunflower seed 'butter' with stevia sprinkled on top (to make it sweet) and sliced organic banana on the sides.


  1. Yummmmm to the sunflower butter. Love that stuff! The purple flowers are so pretty! Nice blue plate to, I can see why you like it so much.

  2. Thank you for making me feel less 'weird' Amy!
    It's so neat that you like sunflower butter too :-)

  3. Must try sunflower butter! Do you think they're roasted first?

    Your photography is stunning! REALLY! :-)

  4. good question Katie... I think they are.
    Thank you for the photography compliments!
    I have such frustration with my camera - the macro function doesn't work properly anymore (it seems to be one of the 1st things to go on digital cameras for me).

  5. These have made me smile.Thank you for sharing and thank you for all your comments you post on my blog,they are very appreciated.

  6. you're welcome Tammy!!
    I know how nice it is get comments and so, when I like something someone does, I try to take the time to share - even just a few words. Thank you for all the comments you have made here as well. I know my mood lifts when I see a comment waiting to be approved :-)

  7. Love the kitties. And really all the photos you posted...so glad to see people to find beauty. Lovely.

  8. Thank you Rachel. I am prone to severe depression and sometimes looking for beauty gets me through bad spells. I'm trying to make it a habit.

  9. thank you for visiting my blog - it is so nice to be encouraged and know someone is reading. I never get tired of photos of flowers, or sunflower butter! you should try suncups - like peanut butter cups with with sunflower butter - they are awesome.

  10. Oh wow Arty Em! I had never heard of suncups! I used to love pb cups when I could eat pb - thank you!!!!!

  11. The picture of the cats looking out the window is so sweet. I love what you are eating- looks like something I would eat! xo

  12. thanks for commenting Lori!
    (I love your profile photo by the way - you shine!) :-)

  13. It's wonderful to see your beauties in that side of the world. True beauty indeed lies in everything, and it is just a matter of being open to appreciate it as simply as it is.

    Your toast plate does indeed look like the most 'perfect' plate, just by reading and looking at the ingredients, it makes me hungry already. :) I am all with gluten free and especially sunflower seed spread. Mmmmmmm!

    Are your cats related? Or are they just good friends?

    Your photographs are divine as they are. Perfect in their natural state. :)

    Happy Creative Every Day

  14. hi Trulyana,
    the cats are not related even though they look like they are! they are very good friends though - adopted 'brother and sister' :-)


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