Aug 9, 2011

Art Journal Bits 1

I felt like sharing a few bits from an art journal I'm working in lately - and loving.
I have so much fun making the backgrounds! It's been totally addictive for me and feels very therapeutic. I get into a meditative state while doing it that far surpasses anything I've gotten from traditional meditation. I'm so totally 'in the moment' that I'm unaware of time passing - sometimes hours.

juicy acrylic backgrounds scraped on with an old credit card

A huge amount of appreciation is beaming around the world from me to Hanna, whose great posts on altering books inspired me to get a great, spiral-bound Tai Chi manual for a few dollars second hand. Note that because my book is spiral-bound, I skipped the step of removing alternate pages.

another background using scraped acrylic, glued in napkins, marker

These backgrounds are so fast and easy - I love using the scraped-on paint method. Pencil crayon goes beautifully over top of acrylic paint.
The nice, thick pages that hold up well to acrylic paint and fun words to leave peeking through paint:

Thanks for the inspiration Hanna!


  1. It's just the best when you can get into the "zone" when making art! Your backgrounds will be a lot of fun to play with. nancy

  2. Love it! The spiral bound is a great idea too.

  3. Lovely - I can really get in a groove making backgrounds too sometimes. Haven't tried the scraped paint yet, this is a good reminder. Your pages look great!

  4. thank you Terrie!
    I hope you have fun when you try scraped paint :)
    if you like texture and or mess, you don't have to use a flat surfaced scraper... so many possibilities!

  5. Thanks so much for your suggestion on my painting attempt. You were so generous with your thoughts and I really appreciate them. Since I'm so new to painting with acrylics, it never occurred to me to add texture like you suggested. I think that's a great idea - especially in the large black triangle at the top! You mentioned you weren't sure what the red part was - me either! It's an abstracted landscape so I guess it's the land mass - I knew I didn't want it to be brown or green (too predictable) and I had this new red I hadn't tried, red. :) Thanks again for your help!

  6. Hi Terrie,
    I love that you let yourself use your vibrant new red for the landmass! I think it looks great that way :-)
    Texture with acrylic is one of my favourite things.
    The easiest way to do large amount of texture is to glue textured items onto the canvas before painting, then paint over top (like you did with those pieces of rice paper). A few fun ideas: cheesecloth, tissue paper, shaped pieces of cut or torn paper, brown paper bag crumpled up, seeds, feathers, string...
    the list is endless! for light, thin things like tissue paper or cheesecloth, I use watered down glue, for heavier ones I use undiluted glue.
    You may notice that acrylic goes on glue very differently than on canvas - it has a semi-transparent look so it can take more layers if you want an opaque look.

  7. THANKS! Again. You're so generous in your tips and I can't wait to try them. Will share my results soon!

  8. you're so welcome Terrie! It gives me a lot of joy to share about this topic :-)
    I look forward to seeing the results of your experimenting!


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