Jun 11, 2011

Inspiration Cloud Mandala

Hmm... this blog seems to be mostly mandalas lately.
I have been doing a huge amount of art journalling/playing and painting.
These mandalas get shared most because they are so easy to post since I don't have to upload and edit images from my camera! And they're sooo much fun to make :-)

The source image for this mandala is a pen and marker drawing I did that I called an 'inspiration cloud' - doodles surrounding an empty place to write inspiring text:


  1. I love them. I particularly enjoyed clicking on the yellow-centred one & looking at all the lovely details.

  2. thanks Katie!
    I'm glad you are enjoying them :-)

  3. I like looking at your mandalas,before i read what the inspiration cloud was i was inspiried with thoughts of what i would write in the middle.you could make a greeting card and add sentiments to the center or affirmations.Great color combination.


  4. Thank you Tammy. Comments like yours totally make my day and I appreciate you taking the time :-)

    I really like that idea of making cards with the inspiration clouds.
    Please feel free to print it out and add your own words to them. If you click on the image, it will open up a larger version that would print better :)

    I've been wondering how you are. I hope you're well. I miss your photography!

  5. What wonderful colours! The background (yellow) looks a little like the grain of a piece of wood, I really like that.

  6. Hi B, thanks for commenting!
    I hadn't realised that about the background but now I see it! I like it too :)

  7. I love mandalas. So peaceful and uplifting. Love your collection here. :)


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