Mar 30, 2010

A 26 Bird Day (card) and an 'Inspiration Cloud'

here are a few things I've been working on lately.

The first is a drawing for a friend of mine who said she enjoys my doodles.
I've left the 'cloud' empty so that she can fill it with a word or phrase that is joyful, inspirational (or fun and silly) to her.

"Inspiration Cloud"
ink, markers

I've also been working on a birthday card for my younger brother who turns 26 this week (I'm, like, totally late).
My family has a pretty wacky sense of humour and so I think he'll get a kick out of this weird card.



text reads:

"Humphrey had That Feeling again.
He looked outside and,
sure enough,
it was a 26 bird day."

(play on 26th birthday)
My bro's name is not Humphrey - I just chose that because it has such a wacky sound to me :-)

I like doing things uneven on purpose because I find 'even' really hard to do.
I used a gluestick for one part of the card but it warped a bit so I used double-sided tape for the rest.
I'm not the greatest at drawing realistically and was daunted at actually drawing 26 little bird without messing up but it turned out alright.


  1. LOLOL - I love it ! !

  2. Hi,

    I love the doodle. And thanks so much for stopping by today with the kind words. And, yes, I would like info. on the mold prevention.

  3. Your doodle is beautiful,so full of color I love it.The card for your brother was a clever idea.

  4. thank you everyone!
    it was lots of fun to do(odle)

    Sandy I will post mold info on your blog in a reply in the flood topic.


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